Search engine on etfs

Hi Folks,

Is there a move to introduce a search engine for finding particular themed etfs other than just typing in a ticker symbol ?
Thanks Bill

@rabbie2 Great question Bill!
At the moment for the search, we index Name, Ticker, ISIN, the Description + names of the underlying holdings (Apple/Tesla etc.)…The algorithm should also pick up partial matches, to get around typos etc.

But these things always need to be tweaked and optimised.
I suspect we could do with improving some of our ETF descriptions, so Theme keywords are included.
(example Nasdaq ETFs - adding ‘Technology’ keyword for example)

It would be great to hear any specific examples you might have?
(We can update these very quickly / this coming week)

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Longer-term I should also mention we also have another project in the works…

Better Search

  • Show details on why a search result has been returned.
  • Show underlying holding % on the search screen. So if you search for Microsoft you see the % holding next to each ETF.
  • The ability to search for specific holding on the ETF & Analytics tabs…So you can easily search for exposure to an individual company.

(This project is still at the ideas stage - Do let us know if there's anything else you want to see)