What is going on? HURRY UP AND SORT IT!

Dear Invest engine,

I don’t know how you keep your patience with the amount of whinging you receive on these forums.

You offer a zero cost app and website for investment in ETFs for both general and ISA investing. That is incredible!

If it was me, I’d tell the whinge bags to take their money and their whinging to Hargreaves Lansdowne… At least they get paid fees to hear it.

Please keep doing what you are doing - it’s great.

I just want to add balance. As I read a lot of messages here I can’t help but feel what an ungrateful bunch.



I agree and was thinking of writing something similar soon, but you beat me to it. Not going to lie…I thought you were another one going off on one with the clickbait title haha.

I can honestly say that no other platform in the UK offers a mixture of platform/ account fee-free investing (DIY Investors) and genuine innovative features such as one-click rebalancing, auto-investing, business account investing and saving plan features. They literally make it so much easier to invest and most people on here (myself included) would have more difficulty rebalancing etc. elsewhere. I think people undervalue things that they already have. They get it for free and take it for granted, sadly.

Yes, there are niggles, but they are exactly that - niggles. They don’t prevent you from investing. And tell me another platform that is perfect? Settlement periods seems to be the biggest problem for many people, but I think that is a lot to do with the way they invest - for example, overtrading tiny values too frequently. That was a problem for me last year when I came to the platform, but when I moved my main portfolio over and resumed investing once monthly (for most months) I have never noticed an issue with this, even though I have some of the same securities as them.

Unfortunately, as any Customer Service Representative will tell you, people will only reach out when they have complaints - rarely to compliment.

And by being transparent with their community website (a lot of robo-advisors do not have this nice feature), complaints unfortunately look more representative of the IE experience than it is for the vast majority of people who are happy with IE but remain silent. It’s refreshing to hear someone speak up - so thank you.


I’m very happy with IE. So much so I bought part of the company!!
If I’ve had an issue or made a suggestion responses have always been timely and positive.

I do my research ‘off-app’ and my investing here. Additionally I like the info-icons.

Happy Christmas.

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Completely agree. Invest Engine is an amazing investment platform that makes it extremely easy to invest in diversified funds at low cost. Keep up the good work IE team!

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Well said. I understand the frustrations people have over long settlement times, but we’re not here to time the market.

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I agree with the general sentiment: InvestEngine is an excellent platform.
I also can see why someone with hundreds or thousands locked up out of the market might be frustrated.

My view: IE is good for those of us managing investments for the future, based on general core themes, with tilts if inclined.
If you’re a trader, looking to switch between exotic vehicles, holding for short periods, buying the next big thing, the journey is likely to be more bumpy (as in life).
I’d say stick with the former approach using IE, if you want to give your capital the best chance to grow.

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts and perspectives. It’s great to hear from you who appreciate the benefits of our platform and recognise the value it offers. We are indeed proud to offer a zero-cost platform for long-term investing in ETFs. We understand that not everyone will be satisfied or appreciate our efforts, but we remain committed to providing a reliable and user-friendly platform. We are always reflecting on negative feedback to help improve our service and use it as a driving force to offer our investors and even better investment platform. Reading positive feedback helps us know we’re on the right track to achieving this.

We appreciate your support and understanding. Thank you for your trust and for being a part of our platform!

Merry Christmas and happy investing! :christmas_tree: