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Is there any way of filtering the securities by risk when searching securities to include in your DIY portfolio?

The only way I have been able to obtain details of the risk is by clicking on the “Key investor information” tab for each security which is a bit time consuming.

Any quicker methods of ascertaining a security’s risk would be welcomed.


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Thank Omian that is a very helpful link however is there a way within the InvestEngine platform that you can filter the risk of various ETFs when perusing securities to add to your portfolio. So that if you want to add a low risk ETF to your portfolio for example you can filter the ETFs so only those with risk level 1 for example appear. This would then save time rather than having to look at the Key investor information in each of the ETFs

@CDL - This is an interesting one and something we’ve talked about internally.

Key investor information documents have a Risk-Reward profile from 1 - 7, which is driven by European regulation. One of the criticisms of this however is that it doesn’t provide enough differentiation for Equity funds which all typically appear at the very high end of the scale.

You could also show volatility % ( do this). However, this can get complicated quickly and might not be easy for all investors to understand.

Let us know if you have any other thoughts. We’re continuing to discuss this one internally and we’ll be taking these comments into product planning meetings.

Thanks Tom, that’s very helpful. I think it would certainly be useful if you could build in some sort of function to your platform which filtered ETFs by risk. I appreciate the differentiation isn’t great however as a basic tool, if you are looking for a low risk ETF for your portfolio, you want to filter out ETFs with a risk-reward profile above 5 and so you don’t want to have to review each of those to see what their risk-reward profile is.

Experienced investors will be able to identify what is likely to be a higher risk ETF however inexperienced investors with DIY portfolios are unlikely to have that level of understanding.

That said, I do think the platform is very well laid out and easy to use however I wondered whether the security filter function was available but hidden somewhere


I wouldn’t trust the risk factors in KIID’s.