Shares in BARC:LSE in ISA with First Direct ISA

I’m transferring a Shares ISA from First Direct with shares invested in BARC:LSE. I’ve requested the transfer - should I sell those shares ahead of the transfer completing to speed things up?

Hello Reason42
You will not be able to transfer BARC shares as InvestEngine only supports ETFS not individual holdings.

Likey FD will notify you to take action before the transfer can complete

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I thought as much, Thanks for the clarification. I know what I’ll do now. :smile:

You might be able to do a transfer to another ‘Trading’ platform and thus avoid selling BARC
If you intend to have ETFs only in your ISA then InvestEngine is for you

Thanks, that’s the plan. I’m doing buying the needles, going but (bits of) they haystack!