Show Acc. ETF dividendes in the app

Hi there,

I realize that in “Transactions”, you can see how much generated your Dist. ETFs and I was wondering if it was possible to show how much generated the Acc. ETF even if, by design, the dividends are automatically reinvested. The idea is to understand how much upside I have already got from having Acc. ETF in my portfolio.


Hi Arnault,
The excellent Monevator blog has some good articles on Accumulation vs Income classes worth checking out, methinks.

You can also compare (acc) and (dist) etfs on Google finance that see the difference…

Great articles indeed, thanks for sharing! I can thus refine my question: 1) while there is an option to see how much dividend a Dist ETF generated, there’s no option to see how much shares (in $) the Acc ETF bought (just the other side of the coin of Dist ETF)

  1. I subscribed to the auto-portfolio management but I can’t choose whether I want only Dist or only Acc. in the scope. I think it’s a pity because in my situation I want to go for Acc. ETFs 100% and IE chooses some Dist ETFs - which I don’t want.

Thanks all!

Hi, you would be able to see the change in the value of your ACC shares you hold - however you do need to keep god records for yourself, unless there’s a report available which does this for you.

For instance you could log into your account at the end of each month, look at each portfolio, if you have more than 1, and copy/paste/make notes about which ETF’s you hold, how many shares of each ETF you have and their value - this would allow you to make calculations as to changes in value after dividends have been paid.

However, in order to track changes to the amount of shares an ETF itself holds… for that you would need access to the transaction records for each ETF separately. I’m not convinces that it is worth the effort trying to get this data, tbh. Unless you’re buying in the millions of pounds worth of shares then our ownership of any ETF we buy is marginal at best and the change in ownership happens at a decimal point level of 3 spaces to the right anyway, nothing to worry or loose sleep over, methinks.

As to number 2 - are you talking about Managed Portfolios? I don’t have any experience with that as I run my ISA as a DIY ISA - I make the decision which ETF to buy. If there’s no specific ETF available for what I want to invest in then I look for alternatives. is a good resource - you just need to check the ETF range here to see if the same ETF is available.

Thanks - clear answer. Indeed very manually and not worth the time spent. Level 1 : keep track of # of shares of ETF
Level 2 : keep track of # of shares contained in a given ETF.

Perhaps just keeping track of changes of Level 1 is a good way to show to the user that Acc ETFs are accruing over time and as such a good feature request for IE.

Yes referring to Managed Portfolio by IE. There’s no way to decide whether I only want Acc ETFs. Today I received Dividends from some ETFs which I don’t care.
Another feature request

As for tracking - I would probably only track end-of-month values of my portfolio: Name of the holding, number of shares in this holding, type (Acc/Dist) and value.

If everything else is set on Autoinvest ON with a savings plan and you don’t plan on selling anything - logging in 1x per month is enough.

As for managed portfolios - as long as you know what you want you could always do it yourself thereby having full control over which ETF’s you buy.