Accumulating etfs

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Ive gone will accumulating etfs for a while now and i wondering how you can get them back or redeem them if you catch me. Do you have to trade them in for other companies. What do you do

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William fancy :+1:

Hi William! You can add accumulating ETFs to your DIY portfolio at any time, see FAQ How can I buy/sell ETFs for more info.

Paul i did say how do you trade them in lol Surely there must be a way you can trade them in to make money from them. Am i right or am i wrong :thinking: because you couldnt just buy those shares and make nothing from it surely theres a way to make money from it.

What do you mean by trade and make money from them? It’s the same as any other ETFs. If you buy them at X and sell at Y you make a profit, assuming the price you sell is higher than what you bought at.

If you’re meaning about dividends then accumulating ETFs have them all included in the price so you never actually see them as such where’s a distributing ETF will pay out each quarter. If you look at two identical ETFs, one accumulating and one distributing then the accumulating one will appreciate more in price compared to the distributing one as the dividends are reinvested.

Hi! Please note that we are not advisory service and are not authorised to tell you what to do with your shares. If you wish to sell them, please check the FAQ that I shared in the previous post to learn how to do it

When you choose which ETF to invest in, you generally have a choice, Accumulating or Distributing. For Accumulating, the dividends received by your underlying holdings are simply reinvested, whereas for Distribution you will receive a dividend payment, as cash, and then it’s up to you what you do with it.

If you’re starting out on your Investment Journey it might be worth reading John Bogle’s book “The Little Book of Common Sense Investing”, or indeed his other books. He founded Vanguard, and emphasises that for most of us, keeping costs low & staying invested are the way forward. He would I suspect tell you to just keep your Accumulating ETF’s and buy more on maybe a monthly basis.

No advice intended & GL :slight_smile:

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Dear geedub

With the accumulating etfs, you’re saying you’re not able to make money from them excluding buying and telling them from what you see on your screen so theres no hidden transactions at all, when ive spoken to investengine they’ve said there are hidden transactions behind the scenes, which i have a right to ask about correct or am i wrong. They really won’t tell me anything about they just seem to dance around the issue. I’ve asked time again about giving advice, and they dont seem to say anything this paul has issues with me, and i dont know why, whats the hidden transactions do you have any idea or wont they he able to say, or is it on there forms they wont indicate anything its just like a show and tell lol.

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William fancy

Dear Paul

I know what to do with my shares. im not stupid. I keep up-to-date with the markets and everything that’s going on. You’re just not getting the point of what im asking of you after all. It’s a customer service, isn’t it. Not an advisery service. you’re getting the wrong end of the wrong end of the stick here, so there no need to be so rood.

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Hi William,

There are no hidden fees. Every ETF has a TER (Total expense ratio) clearly listed on the Invest Engine platform. Eg, VUSA has a 0.07% TER. You never actually see this as such (it is all included in the price). That particularly ETF is distributing and so if you buy it and hold it then every quarter you will get a dividend paid out regardless of the price appreciation (or not as may be the case).

VUAG for another example is also is the accumulating version of VUSA. So these are essentially the exact same ETF (both track the S&P 500) but VUSA distributes income quarterly where’s VUAG accumulates and so it doesn’t pay any income out. You can only ‘make money’ from it by selling it at a higher price. If you compare the YTD returns of these two ETFS you will see that VUAG is up 2.61% and VUSA is only up 1.91%. This is because VUAG has not paid out any income but VUSA has.

Hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

Dear geedub

Thank you very much now. im getting a somewhere with someone. The accumulating etfs, its saying you accumulate weath by reinvestements correct i only assume that its accumulating wealth, they are physical not synthithec so there must be some weath accumulated somewhere so i am confused where dose the money go you make on them, on HSBC ive made over £14.00 of a £200 investement only over a small period of time. Literally a few months when the stocks were down sins October last year, HSBC msci world ive been traiding with them and ive made good money, i know i have, so wheres the money gone, its somewhere i know but i dont know where, are the banks ripping people off again! why dont they put online tutorials or have an education centre for this, its a shambles it really is i just dont get whats going on here. They must be hiding something from us, you must be able to trade your accumulating shares in for distributing etfs, correct. How do you extract them or how do you gain wealth from them, something im unsure of. Hence why ive been asking about the hidden transactions, but they’ll never say, whats the issue here, whats happened or why won’t they explain it. Its not advice im looking for its mearly an understanding of whats going on with my shares and everything thats involved with it, paul really wont say anything its like he’s my personal P.A i can not get in touch with anyone else at investengine other then him if they cant see that im unhappy with him then god only knows whats going on if im always forward to him they should explain why and if thats the case then he must be some sort of representative of me. Thats how i feel i really do have to speak out in anger to get what i want from this bafoon, whats the issue. Hmmmmmmmm. :rofl:
Anyway ive asked about the hidden transactions before but they are hording the issue Amongst themselves must be gossip of the hour for them or something atleast theyve got something to do haha, lets finish on a high note and hope they see it.

Kind regards

If you want some banter just let me know and ill tell you what he’s being saying to me on email, haha

William fancy

Hi Will,

I think it looks like you’re looking for a conspiracy that isn’t there. The ‘wealth’ as you put it as gone into the price of the ETF appreciating in your case. You said you have made £14 on a £200 investment which is great but you will only ‘see’ that £14 if you sell. If you wanted to you could just sell £14 and you keep the initial £200 invested. If an ETF is valued at £1 and you buy £100 worth and then the ETF price goes up to £1.10 you will have £110 or a 10% return. You will only see that money if you sell it though which you can do. Or you can leave it there and hope it continues to rise.

InvestEngine is aimed at long-term, ‘boring’ investing where you buy and hold in a diversified portfolio. If you want income then you need to invest in distributing funds. If you want to trade individual stocks or ETFs with more regular buying and selling then I wouldn’t recommend IE at all… there are other brokers for that.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Much appriceated. Ive got somewhere now with this issue

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Hi @Bobbywilly I couldn’t have put it better than @GeeDub did up there! Your acc ETFs will benefit by rise in value over time and your returns will be realised later when you sell at a higher price. These are geared towards the basic principles of stock market trading - buy low, sell high.


Dear paul, i couldn’t agree more :+1: