(Sipp) Self invested personal pension

I asked the same thing in a support ticket back in February. The response was that all the rebates will appear in my SIPP. However I cannot confirm this as, like @NoMoreTakeaways, I am still waiting for my rebates from January.

Does your rebate appear in the Sipp cash account as pending? Or it didn’t but can be seen only on transactions?

Hi! We are experiencing delays with the tax month 06.01.2024 - 05.02.2024. Our third-party provider who manages all of the tax relief rebates is experiencing issues with the system they use. They have been in contact with the system provider and it is currently being investigated.

We’re sorry for this occurrence and believe it will be resolved promptly. You should be able to see the processing rebates on the Transactions tab of your dashboard.

Except, one of them doesn’t appear in the Transactions tab, but when I queried this I was told that it will be processed. I will wait to see if it is or not.

Yep, today is the 11-week deadline as I opened my SIPP and made the contribution on January 12 and nothing in my account. It’s still showing as “Pending from HMRC”.

Is there a planned date for SIPP Transfer-ins?

Also, is possible to move cash from GIA to SIPP account?

Hi! There is no planned date for SIPP transfers at the moment, they are going to be released in the beginning of the next tax year. Kindly contact our Client Services team if you wish to move your cash from GIA to SIPP account.

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Hi Paul,
Will information about SIPP transfer be announced for ins or outs? Let’s say I’d like to move SIPP from InvestEngine to another provider in the future, will it be possible?

Hello there. Could you please contact our Support team at support@investengine.com, along with your IC number so we can look into this further?

Having just opened an IE Sipp account, I’m disappointed to see that I cannot transfer my pension into it.
I note someone posted in January 24 and was told it would be a few months!
Does anyone have any information on when this function is likely to be enabled?

I happened to ask this yesterday, and have been told “in the beginning of the new tax year”.

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Hi! We appreciate your patience regarding the ability to transfer pensions into SIPP with us. We anticipate that this functionality will be enabled at the beginning of the new tax year.

First post here, so go easy….I’ve just opened a SIPP, but can’t seem to find the charges for opting for the Glidepath option. I can see it’s 0.25% for the managed, and free for DIY….Can someone advise please? Ta muchly :wave:

Hi @tone1,

The ‘Glidepath’ has the same charges as the managed portfolio, 0.25%.

We’re looking at how we can improve the description but the retirement glidepath looks at your age / how many year you have until retirement and invest you into one of the 10 managed funds…as you get closer to retirement it automatically will move you into the less risky managed funds.

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Any update on the government bonus that is overdue? It’ll be three months this week since the SIPP contribution and still showing as Pending.

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Thanks Tom @tom.winterton

I thought the description and information was great for the Glidepath, (even for a novice like myself could understand the risk/years to retirement plan), it was just the fee that couldn’t have been clearer to see. Clicking on the ‘Managed’ pension tab gave the 0.25% fee, but was totally absent on the Glidepath tab. Cheers :wave:

As in should be working since 6th of April, or as in coming in July but we mean November really like when SIPP’s arrived :wink:

Hi team, as many of us are still waiting on this (i’m 13 weeks now) could you at least let us know if the HMRC top ups for January deposits are now going to arrive at the same time as the February ones (i.e. later in April), or is this is a bigger problem where we could potentially be waiting months?


I contacted customer services yesterday and the reply I got was:

“I regret to inform you that we do not have a precise settlement date for the rebates at this time.”

Apologies for my ignorance, but can I have several SIPP portfolios within my SIPP? One self managed, and say one Glidepath both with different amounts etc?