(Sipp) Self invested personal pension

Yes you can, just click on Add New Portfolio at the top of the home page (I think)…

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Hi! I’m afraid there is no exact settlement date for the rebates yet, but they will count towards the 2023/24 allowance as they are linked to the initial top-up.

Hi! Yes, you can have multiple portfolios within your SIPP.
You can combine multiple DIY and Managed portfolios with your InvestEngine SIPPs tax wrapper.

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Big Up on this, very keen on being able to transfer my old pension to Investengine SIPP


Update: I can confirm this looks to be resolved now as i have just received the correct top ups for my 2 January contributions into my SIPP today.


Same, I have received the HMRC top-up today too. Thanks.

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Is this available now can you transfer a SIPP?

Will it be possible to just transfer cash element of my other pension into the IE sipp?
Want to leave my other holdings there as they’re individual shares amd mot ETFs.

Hi Lee - transfers in are not yet available, but it is the ‘final countdown’, pretty much… Make sure you’re subscribed to our e-mails to get notified upon launch :rocket:


Such a tease! Come on now! :rocket::rocket::rocket:

Hi, I’m wondering when Invest Engine will supply the annual pension statement for those of us who can claim additional rate tax via self-assessment? Is there a date for that? Thanks.

@elina.sim are we taking final countdown SpaceX style or NASA style? Would be great to know a month as personally my finger is in the button as I need to get my money out of an expensive fund asap!

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Have the February HMRC rebates been delayed like the January ones? No sign of them yet.

When I emailed support about the January issues, I asked the same question about subsequent months and was assured there would be no issues (see below). However, I see no sign of mine yet either.

Thank you for your message.

Regarding your deposits made on the 21st of February and the 21st of March, there should be no issue with those.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Best wishes,
Aelita - Client Services

Very keen to get my expensive old Aviva pension transferred into Invest Engine!
Roll on the transfers! :slight_smile:

I’m leaving my Aviva where it is. Reading the endless messages on here is worrying. IEs reputation is in question

Sadly I’ve decided to instigate my Aviva pension across to AJ Bell. It will work out cheaper than IE but annoyingly I won’t have everything in one place.

I guess I can always move it again if needs be. It is what it is I guess.

You can create Reports yourself, I posted mine to HMRC on the 6th April :grin:

What exactly is it that is worrying you?

Where do I start….
Let’s go with the obvious - no profit or history, and awful communication.
Second; delayed tax relief, no employer transfers or balance transfers
If you’re ok trusting your pension with these, I wish you luck