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Is there a way to generate a statement of my account that has my full name on it? All I can see is a page that says “Hello (first name)”. I need to show a record of all my savings for a house purchase. Other banks etc show my full name.

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I have the same question here.

Hi @Flobalob / @Tomas

Could you help me understand this one a bit better. Are we talking about this statement

Let me know if you’re referring to a different report. Or it might be best if you reach out to our customer service team in this instance - as the reports should show the full name

yes, something that can prove that we have an open account with an amount of money.

@Tomas @Flobalob - We’re looking into this right now.

If you have a moment could I ask you to drop our customer service team a message - so can look to your cases specifically & get you the statements asap.

I’d like a statement with today’s date and my full name. There is a statement on my account page that is out of date.

Una O’Malley

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