Money missing after adding funds through TrueLayer

Wanted to add funds to my ISA so went through the process to add cash through my nominated bank account. Entered the amount details, TrueLayer interface opened and linked me through to my bank account for approval, I confirmed the transaction, went back to InvestEngine to continue with my invest options but the supposedly added money was not shown. I then checked my actual bank account and it showed the transaction as completed with the funds taken out of my bank account.

A few minutes later I checked again and still no funds available in InvestEngine so I tried again and once again the funds were taken from my bank account, yet it does not show up in InvestEngine.

So now I have two sets of money taken out of my bank account yet not credited to my investment portfolio. I was under the impression this account top-ups is near instantaneous.

What happened to my money? As a new investor with InvestEngine this does not fill me with confidence in this platform.

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Morning. Apologies for the inconvenience caused. We wanted to let you know that we are aware of an issue with our bank provider which is causing an occasional delay in funds reaching your account. Would you mind sending me your name and email address so we can check the system for you? Thanks


Thanks, I have sent the requested info via IM

Although I am not missing money I have found that the transfer function no longer completes successfully in the App between IE and my banking app.
The funds do go through as desired but it doesn’t cleanly finish.
I think this is because I may have associated the transaction process to IE instead of Chrome (which is an option of Always or just Once).
Unless you are aware of an issue.

Happened to me yesterday - just took a couple of hours - don’t panic


I have made a number of transactions so far, and everything has been instantaneous and smooth.

My only annoyance (first world problem), is that I am limited to transferring £5,000 / day through my bank to IE.

Is that the same for everyone? :thinking:

If you’re worried about transferring £5k a day then I think you’re doing ok :wink:

In all seriousness, though, mine says I can do up to £18k… not that I have tried but don’t see why it wouldn’t be ok. Could it be your bank has a limit??

Incidentally, who are True Layer? Clearly acting as an intermediary I do however wonder if they are necessary, as other online transactions I make simply go from A to B.

I have not contacted IE or or my bank to inquire as its not impacting anything. The £5k daily TrueLayer transfer limit has probably been set on my bank side.

However, If I do want to transfer more I can send a regular bank transfer to IE. The only issue is that it takes 24/48 hours for IE to process !

I have a 5k limit with Natwest as I found out on 6th April. I think you can ask for the limit to be raised though.

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You can get an overview of TrueLayer from their website. From experience I know Revolut uses them.

Perhaps they will be a household name in years to come. I like these types of disputers.

Hi everyone

I’m Mark, and I work on the InvestEngine team.

I see there’s been a few conversations around transferring limits. I’m sharing a link that should shine some light on transfer limits depending on your provider here

If I can help with anything else, please let me know.

Chat soon,