Suggestion: Option to buy full shares

How about adding an option to buy full shares to the app? Shouldn’t that solve the issue with the horrible settlement times - and also sort out any issues with HMRC?

(I’m thinking about an option where you can put in EITHER the £ amount OR the number of full shares, not taking away the fractional shares option)

Is that something you could do?

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Good call. I’m out until HMRC make a definitive call on fractionals

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Hello Nic, thank you for your suggestion.

I’m afraid we we will not be able to add this functionality as it won’t let our clients set the portfolio weights. Fractional trading is an essential part of our service, be assured that we will let you know once we have an update from HMRC. We are also working on a feature that will allow our clients to cancel unsettled purchase orders, keep an eye on our Community forum and socials for the latest updates


Thanks for the reply. I do understand that balancing would not be possible without fractional shares, but I still think it would be a nice option (some people might not need balancing etc.).

Regarding “cancel option for unsettled purchase orders”… that would only solve 50% of the problems. What about selling orders? I had to wait for more than two months to sell some shares, a cancel option would not have helped me with that.

@Onedrew personally I wouldn’t sit out of the market and miss out on the opportunities.

What can HMRC actually do to us in practice…

I think it’s not even a risk.

Thanks, Carl, I am fully invested, but not in any fractionals in IE. Today was a good day, for example

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