Taxable event on rebalance?

Does the sale/disposal of ETFs done with a GIA based managed portfolio incur a taxable event that warrants reporting to HMRC.
For e.g the growth managed portfolios rebalanced during the year and sold their gold and Nasdaq ETFs.
If this sale is deemed a disposal does IE provide that info for next year’s SA submission?

I think the answer is yes, and it should be shown on a CGT report if you have one for the tax year - can’t remember whether this was generated automatically or you have to trigger it in the More->Reports section on web site - my report for 22/23 was generated about 12 May, but that may just have been when I triggered it. Contains a summary of Net gains/losses, and an ‘Adjusted’ gains/loss figure in case transactions come under ‘same day’ or ‘30 day bed and breakfast rule’, as well as listing out the individual transactions and the applicable tax treatment applied. So I think the Adjusted figure is what would go into self assessment.
It might not cover all edge cases, e.g. not sure what rules apply if you also trade in the same ETF in other GIA accounts with other providers within 30 days, but probably the best tax summary I’ve seen. (But I give it to an accountant to do the hard work).