Thoughts on potential Portfolio core/satellitte

Hey All

I’m currently 85% in SWLD and 15% in VUAG as i have strong belief in the USA markets mainly Tech.

This got me thinking about going for a more concentrated approach.
I was thinking to go with a split of 80% SWLD / 10% IITU / 10% SMGB but i’m concerned this allocation might push me slighly to far into the USA defeating the object of having SWLD over a cheaper S&P500 core holding.

I then thought to take some of the weight of this massively developed portfolio i could add EMIM into the mix which would add some diversification with a 80% SWLD / 10% EMIM / 5% IITU / 5%SMGB.

This would a 20+ year portfolio

I just wanted to gather your thoughts about core/satellite portfolios?


I like it.
Keep your satellites to 5% and look for funds with a high Sharpe Ratio over 3 years. IITU has an excellent sharp ratio and SMGB is good too.

I am 85% VUAG Xnaq 5%, IITU 5% and SMGB 5%.