Transactions Issue

The transactions section uses IE’s fund name to identify what has been bought/sold. However IE’s fund names are not unique e.g. the Accumulation and Distribution funds have the same name e.g. VUSA and VUAG both have the fund name ‘Vanguard S&P 500’. Thus if you have both funds it is not easy to tell them apart; especially if you are exporting the transaction table to a spreadsheet and automating the lookup. A simple fix would be for IE to include the Ticker in the transaction table?


An alternative solution might be to go to “Reports” » “Create report” and generate a “trading statement”, which contains the ISINs.

It’s still important to add tickers / ISINs to the transaction list so we can tell different funds apart, of course.

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Agree this is annoying. As a workaround you can click on an individual fund and then click on ‘view transactions’. Not ideal but at least you know which transactions you are viewing this way.

Thanks @chungf, I haven’t looked at the reports so it was interesting to do so. A couple of observations on the Trading report:

  • It is in ‘Settlement Date’ order which is OK but some dates are in the future so you have to select the end date for the report to cater for this. Interestingly I have trades in my Transaction tab which are marked as ‘Awaiting Settlement’ which have a ‘Settlement Date’ in the past on the report, so not sure what the ‘Settlement Date’ specifically means.
  • The report has the problem of only 4 digits of precision for the ‘Quantity’, that has been raised in previous posts, so not suitable on its own for accurate reconciliation.

As with @Ted suggestion it is a way to identify more definitively the fund bought/sold though.