Transaction History

In the Transaction History some trades are marked as ‘Done’ and some as ‘Completed’. Does anyone no the difference between the two?

Good afternoon P.H and thanks for your question.

When you submit an order - buying or selling ETFs, doing rebalance or setting portfolio weights, the transaction is added to your dashboard. Depending on the type of transaction, wording can be different, and can sometimes be called ‘Settled’ or ‘Done’ - but as long as they are all marked with a green tick then they are pretty much the same. All other states have a grey clock face next to them, to indicate it is still at some stage of processing.

I hope this helps,

Thanks Elise, that makes sense. I had some Completed ones which are included my portfolio’s balance which I presumed were done and dusted. But yes they have a grey clock rather than a green tick, so must be some i’s to dot and t’s to cross. A few have progressed to green ticks today, so all good. :white_check_mark:

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