UK vs US ETFs - US always seem to be better value

UK Market - - We only seem to have iShares & Vanguard + a few others HSBC, Invesco etc

US Market - - Thousand of ETFs and far more fund manager + US ETFs are always a lot cheaper

Example - UK ETF vs US ETF - Both from S&P 500 from Vanguard but the UK one has more 2x the annual charge. Thinking I need to open a US Investment account

UK Vanguard S&P 500
US Vanguard S&P 500

I don’t think you can open a US investment account being a UK resident? I opened an account with Interactive Brokers and they made me sign up with their UK subsidiary…

There are cheaper SP500 ETF’s in the UK than the Vanguard UK one. Just use a different provider!

Just ETF is a good comparison site, check out, scroll to the bottom and it shows the alternatives.

Also check out Synthetic vs Physical ETFs Because cheaper ones tend to Synthetic and it worth while know the potential risks.

Differences in tracking error/performance are generally far greater than a couple of basis point on the TER…