Vanguard Dividends VUSA

I read that declared dividends were paid on Wednesday 28th Dec. I’m not seeing anything in my transactions, as yet. Perhaps I’m too quick out of the blocks but… ?

Yeah, you’re too quick out of the blocks. It is very rare for a dividend to hit your account on the actual payment day. Give it a few days. Payment delays varies and I can make up a shedload of plausible reasons as to why but to be honest; I can’t be bothered right now.

Just like everyone else I’m currently treading water during this dull dead-space time period between Christmas and New Year.

Just got my dividend for VUSA. Wasn’t in my transaction history when I looked about 10:00, but was there when I checked just after 13:00.

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I’ve been pleasantly surprised to see my Vanguard dividends previously show in my InvestEngine ISA before they are paid in my old ISA directly with Vanguard!
Hats off to InvestEngine.
Not saying that will always be the case however :+1:t3:

There’s no rhyme or reason as to when various payments comes through to our individual accounts. My VUSA payment is still outstanding. I have other Vanguard ETF’s as well that’s also pending payment - VUCP, VUKE, VHYL.

So, count yourselves lucky this time :smiley:

We’ll see how it goes on 29th March with the next round of payments.

I am afraid the Vanguard ISA account is notoriously slow to pay out dividends, typically a week to 10 working days longer than the same Vanguard ETF held with iWeb. Will know how IE does shortly but the above seems promising.

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