ISA 22/23 + ETF Request

Hi Everyone
I will be starting a new ISA with InvestEngine in the new tax year on April 6th. Who else will be doing the same?

IE team. Please could (VGOV) U.K. government bonds ETF be added to the platform?

Thank you :blush:

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@Rishi - We hear you re VGOV. I’m hoping :crossed_fingers: we can squeeze it into the next tranche of ETFs we add - Ready for your ISA portfolio!

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@Rishi - Special delivery - VGOV should now be live on the platform :slight_smile:


Yes it’s there :blush:
Thanks so much Tom and the team. All set for my 22/23 and beyond ISA journey next week :ok_hand:t3:

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I submitted an ISA transfer request on the 1st April and will be adding another £20k in the new tax year.

I didn’t get any acknowledgment of the request (yet) other than confirmation that “all parties have signed the transfer form”. How long do transfers usually take?

Looking forward to receiving the cash in my new ISA account and building a portfolio :slight_smile:

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Within 28 days I think, but could be quicker depending on how quickly your current provider sorts it at their end. I’ve just checked mine for example, and it was done in 19 days.

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InvestEngine ISA now funded :rocket:


Hi IE Team
VGOV shows up in the analytics as alternatives rather than bonds.
Not sure if that’s intentional or not.
So pleased I’ve gone with InvestEngine for my ISA.
Sleep well at night with my allocation of ETF’s :blush:
Platform is great :ok_hand:t3: