What are you doing to prepare for possible recession

I am still in profit with VUSA and IESU, but looking at the news it does look like recession is coming.

So I am looking to maybe doing VUSA split 50/50 so VUSA and MVUS, the iShares Edge S&P 500 Minimum Volatility

Is anyone else look to move into less volatility funds short term 6-12 months for possible recession.

Thank you

If you forecast this recession to last about 8 months to a year like other modern recessions, and if you take the view that the financial markets moves about half a year in advance of the economy, then we are in the middle or even close to the end of drop in financial market, counting that we are half year since S&P and NASDAQ were more or less at their peaks. To me it is actually a time of buying the dip and being aggressive.

Of course, just my own view. Take your own risk.

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Thank you, very good insight. I have been down a Youtube Rabbit Hole, and probably just watched too many videos quoting Michael Burry, which things the markets have still got a 50+ fall

I feel the latest falls this week are just overreaction to the 75 pts increase by the Fed.