What is execution speed like on InvestEngine?

I’m thinking of opening an account, but someone said that a trade of his took two days to complete!
Thank you…

Locally listed ETF always take two days to settle a transaction. There is nowhere you can have it faster. It is just the rule of the exchange. Foreign listed ETF takes longer and you would see the reminder in IE.

If you go elsewhere for other types of funds, such as unit trust, it takes even longer.

But why would you bother the exact day of settlement in the first place? The price is determined on the day of placing order. The settlement is something like the paperwork behind the scene which does not really matter to you. The only difference is that after selling you at least need to wait till settlement before you can cash out. If you need to take cash out immediately from the account sometimes, funds or shares are not your choice, as they always take some days to settle.

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Be prepared to wait up to two weeks for some trades to complete, and that doesn’t seem to be as “rare” as the FAQs would have one believe.