Settlement times?

Wishing to rebalance a portfolio I’m surprised at not being able to do so owing to a purchase made on 19/07 that is not settled. As it is now Friday circa @14.30 I’m unable to rebalance until Monday at the earliest. Quite a time out of the market I think, or am I being impatient.
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Hello Omian!

Our brokers aim to settle orders on T+2, however as is the nature of trading, they cannot always settle on settlement date if stock is not available to cover the trade – especially if a particular line is illiquid or if they have delayed deliveries to them from failing counterparties.

Please do not hesitate to contact our support team for more information.

Standard settlement in the market is t+2.

Some ETF’s on IE can take longer. It stops rebalancing - but you can manually adjust the holdings that have settled.

Settlement times are the big achilles heel of Investengine. It can take up to 3 months. Have a look at this thread:

My purchase transaction on 30th June 2023 hasn’t been settled as yet.

Better to speak with IE team direct.

Have done twice already with no meaningful resolution.

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Anil Tuladhar