Where are new ETF additions announced?

I have been following the IE blog, Instagram, newsletter as well as being on the forums regularly. But have not found where the addition of new ETFs are announced if they are at all. Could someone let me know if there is something I have missed.

Last post on the forums about the addition of new ETFs was back in 2022, but there have been constant additions since then.

I think its very important that you announce these new additions regularly as it shouldn’t be on the users to constantly keep checking to see if ETFs they may have have requested are now available.


I came here to ask the same question. Has an answer to it appeared anywhere?

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nope, no answer yet. i think they are hoping we dont want this information as they are too busy to keep track of it themselves

Hi Spear! Thank you for your feedback.

We understand that receiving news ETFs added is crucial for our clients, so this issue has been picked up by our Marketing team and we hope to start providing you with new updates the soonest.