Wrong ETF composition


I’m looking at “Alerian Midstream Energy Dividend” and its composition information is not accurate.


It says it’s 100% invested in “Energy Transfer LP”, but that’s not true. There are more constituent and I believe Energy Transfer LP is only 10.6%

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@0x26res See the previous thread for some further background: PMLP Alerian Midstream Energy Dividend - Holdings

I’ve sold my holding in total as the problems with the ETF content is always incorrect. Whatever the cause of these problems it should be removed from the platform until it can be fixed.

Seems to affect other ETFs as well - LG us midstream/ ishares spain that I have noticed recently in my portfolio
The ishares Spain was showing the correct holdings up until I invested in it then it changed
From a distributor to an accumulator and the holdings completely changed to non Spanish companies??
Both the Algerian and LG funds seem to have been wrong for some time
As far as I’m concerned all this is no major problem as you can easily check the factsheets- but if you are going to offer portfolio holdings breakdown and weighting I would expect it to be somewhere near accurate-I’m currently showing a 3.7 % weighting to Energy Transfer as my largest holding