Delete Portfolio

Hi all,

I have played around with constructing portfolios on InvestEngine just to see the analytics if I choose certain combination of ETFs. I want to now delete these portfolios (no actual investment) but can’t find the ‘delete’ button. Anyone knows?



@Michael - this is coming very soon…a feature release is planned within the next week (:crossed_fingers:).
We’ll post on the community when it’s live.


Thanks @tom.winterton
I created some portfolios to test your features ahead of creating next FY’s ISA and not being able to delete them is driving me nuts.

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Understood @GeorgeTSC
This one got pushed back slightly as we deal with the end of year ISA rush… but it’s very close.
We’ll keep you posted

+1 Waiting for this feature to release. Any ETA for this?

Also looking forward to being able to delete portfolios but, in the meantime, support have been able to do this for me.

Hello everyone! I just wanted to update you on the fact you can now delete portfolios (without finished transactions) through the options menu. :tada:

The feature is however only available on the web for now but will soon be available through the app, so watch this space!



Awesome! Thank you for that!

Only thing left on my wish list is a dark mode, especially for the phone app version!


Can I delete my GIA Portfolio / Account now this years ISA is up and running? Can’t find any delete option for it.