Delete a portfolio

I am fairly new to IE and wanted to explore self-managed portfolios. So I created a portfolio and paid some cash into it. Purely in the spirit of exploration, I then changed from the default name to ‘Emerging Markets’. Note that I did not add any specific ETFs to this portfolio.
The next time that I logged in, the portfolio had been designated as “Managed by InvestEngine” and it had been populated by a full range of emerging markets ETFs. Very unexpected!
I moved the funds that I had paid into Cash and I would now like to delete the empty portfolio container. But there is no obvious way to do this, as there is no further cash to move out.

We have been waiting for the ability to ‘hide’ portfolios for a while now. They are unable to delete them but hiding is possible.

‘Hiding’ a portfolio is not the best option. Given that individual investors are limited to a maximum of 10 portfolios each ( at least that is my understanding ), then hiding a portfolio merely reduces the number of usable portfolios. Not really an optimal solution.