Reorder portfolios

Newbie question… I’ve created a few portfolios in my ISA. Is it possible to reorder the view of them? Manual reordering would be great, but even just sorting them by total value (or similar) would be nice.


Hi Peter, thank you for this suggestion!

I have passed on your proposal to the Development Team, who will consider adding this feature to our Product Roadmap.

We’ll post updates here and social media whenever we do add new functionality to the platform.

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Hi Peter! Can you please confirm how many portfolios do you have?

Currently four. Three are active, and one has nothing in it (but I can’t delete or hide it).

Being able to order them by Type (managed vs. DIY), Value or even Name, would be fantastic!

Oh… and in addition I also have the “Cash” account visible in my ISA. (even though I don’t use it). Would love an option to hide this when it’s got £0 value, or at least stick it at the bottom of the portfolio list so it’s tucked out of the way.

Being able to manually re-order portfolios would be super helpful, so would being able to give them optional descriptions.