Dividend not paid

Hi, got notifications of dividends paid but not showing on cash account. Only showing on transaction history. Does anyone know why this has happened or is there a waiting period or something for transaction to complete or if there’s a problem from IE side?

Its not overtly clear in the “app”, as there is both a “cash account” in the ISA ( shows with a yellow left margin ) and you can hold cash along with the funds, which shows under the portfolio total… So there seems to be two places for cash to sit.

If you attempt to buy an ETF , is the dividend cash available to invest?

Running a cash report might clarify things?


General and ISA cash are both showing 0.00. The dividend payout only shows on individual ETF tabs yet the total amount does not reflect the recent payout. The FAQs says it should show up under cash in DIY portfolios yet still nothing…

Edit: @patch thank you, just checked the option to move cash in and out through options, it seems like you have to manually move dividend payment from each individual ETF to cash or bank accounts. Problem solved.