Early cutoff times on 29th and 22nd December?

Has there been any news or notification about how InvestEngine are handling the half day until 12:30pm openings of the LSE this year?

I’ve found a post from last year that said the daily trading cut off times would be earlier at 11am but nothing about this year.

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Hi! Thank you for contacting InvestEngine!
We apologies for not providing this information here on Community, however, there were posts on other social media. You are correct, due to half day on LSE, our cut off for trading was at 11 am on the 22nd December as well as today.

Hi, I didn’t see any other posts on social media about this - however I did receive an email on 21/12 about it.

Tbh, I think that an email just about 1 day before is way too late and downright lazy. Surely this is known far more in advance - so why not email people 1 week before and then a quick reminder 1 day before the actual date?

Also, why was there no fixed banner on the main website when logging into the account advising people about this change?

As I said before, you guys need to make improvements in how you communicate with shareholders and account holders and do it fast.


Apologies for any inconvenience and please be assured that your feedback has been passed to the relevant Team, who will consider adding new features to our Product Roadmap.

We’ll post updates here, on our Community Forums and social media whenever we do add new functionality to the platform.