En specie transfer

Hi Anyone any experience of doing an en specie transfer from a trust fund to a different trust fund, ETF/s or GIA? Creating a CGT event is not high on my agenda.

Not worried about CGT (typically going to hold long term assets within ISA). But you also have Spread costs and time out of the market to worry about!

The spread will vary but it could easily be 0.25% to sell and buy back an asset.

  • ISA providers have 30 days to complete a transfer. But I don’t imagine if you’re leaving they’ll process it any quicker than that - so that’s at least 25days out of the market

It really puts me off considering a transfer.

En Specie is a transfer of shares. You remain in the market right? Just unable to buy/sell.

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Yes - I meant I wouldn’t want to do a Transfer if it wasn’t En Specie