[Feature Request] Add IP allowlisting feature in the Login Settings page

With the continuous advancement of threat actors’ sophistication, I’m keen on having the ability to limit IP addresses, akin to the security measures implemented by brokers like Interactive Brokers. For more details, refer to the feature documentation provided by Interactive Brokers in the link below.


What happens if your IP changes completely and then you can’t log in to change it? ISPs have been known to change ranges etc.

Obviously clients would only enable this feature if they have a static IP address. In the event of a misconfiguration or unlikely “loss” of a static IP address the control could be suspended by reaching out to the support team similarly to when clients have to reset MFA.

Hi Daniel, thank you for your feedback. I will pass it to our Development team to consider adding this feature to our roadmap. Do not hesitate to contact us in case of any other questions.

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Why would Interactive Brokers need “added security” which wasn’t seamless to the user?

I then did a google search and found a document entitled “are you trading stocks securely?” by “IOActive” who suggest that their app has 8 security flaws including sending trades in clear text using the Fix protocol!

Perhaps thats why they feel the need to offer this clunky feature? Hope its not needed here!