Feature request: Customise portfolio appearance

For those of us who aren’t content with a single portfolio in our accounts, I think a worthwhile addition to IE would be additional customisation of portfolio appearance in the app/website so it’s quick and easy to distinguish between them.

Notably, I think the coloured bar down the left side of each portfolio box would be a good opportunity for user customisation, as in my opinion it just being used to indicate cash/DIY/managed isn’t all that useful given the portfolio type is written under the portfolio name. Allowing the user to change the colour of this to their needs would be great.

Being able to use emojis in portfolio names would be a nice touch too.

Hi, thank you for this suggestion! I’ll forward it to our Design team to consider implementing it. We’ll post updates here and on social media when the new features are added.

I would also like the option to have etfs within the portfolios split by type (bonds, equities etc).
This is how it is shown on ie managed portfolios, I think it would be nice to have the option to view them this way in DIY portfolios as well.

Hi Spear! Thanks for your feedback. Will forward your suggestion to our Development team to consider adding it to our Roadmap. Keep an eye on this thread for the latest updates.

Please please please give us the ability to sort portfolios in the app, or better yet; hide/collapse them. Having unused portfolio’s in the app makes it very user unfriendly.

Hi, you’ll be pleased to know the ‘hiding’ portfolios feature is already on our product roadmap and we hope to release this soon. Once it’s ready, we’ll update you here.