Self rebalancing

I wanted to see whether there is a way for the rebalancing to not sell any stocks but just buy to rebalance. Someone on here suggested that you could do this if you went straight into rebalance rather than invest first and had the money ready to do it.
When I tried to do this it still was trying to sell even though I had plenty of money to rebalance it.
Can anyone help with this?


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I might be missing something but all you need to
do is buy the funds you want to increase the percentage of when you are happy with the price of the respective funds.

Thanks for replying @woodside.

When I have just bought funds it has changed my percentages some are a little off which you would expect but I have these discrepancies in the same portfolio::
I want at 12% which is at 13.5
I want at 10% and its at 7.6
I want at12% and its at 11.1
I want at 8% and its at 9.7% ?

Hi @Angel, if you’re still accumulating (investing regularly), you can adjust the percentages of the ETFs in your portfolio.
Buy a little more of the losers and less of the winners.

The word that springs to mind is tricky
to get the figures the way you want them without selling is to
buy other funds that are under your desired target weights.

I tend to sell funds when the margin of price paid to current price is in my favour
to manage the weights in my portfolio.

I tend to use the weights as a guide and not a definition.

Good luck

Possible feature request… Could it be possible to have a feature that combined Auto-Invest and Rebalancing?

I make regular savings-plan contributions to my portfolios, with Auto-Invest turned on. This simply buys at the portfolio target weights. It would be interesting to have an option that told Auto-Invest to buy in a way that helped rebalance the portfolio with each new contribution.

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I second this. If there are discrepancies in my desired portfolio
e.g. my desired asset allocation is


  • 50% asset 1
  • 50% asset 2

but asset 1 does very well and allocation goes to

  • 55% asset 1
  • 45% asset 2

Instead of incurring costs by selling some of asset 1 to buy asset 2 to make it close to 50/50 again (by rebalancing). I would prefer to rebalance with my subsequent investments to keep buying asset 2 until it’s 50/50 again, then any leftovers split in half so it remains 50/50.

e.g. if my investment is £200 at 55/45, let’s say £80 of asset 2 takes it back to 50/50, then the remaining £120 is invested as £60/£60 such that the net buy is £60/£140.

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Yes, that is exactly what I want. An automatic way for it to rebalance without having to sell. I really hope it becomes a feature.

Hello, thank you for submitting this suggestion. I have passed on your proposal to the Development Team, who will consider adding this feature to our Product Roadmap.

We’ll post updates here and on social media whenever we do add new functionality to the platform.