How to buy sell one ticker at at time


I am now here to the community but not new to IE as a platform.

So i have a general account portfolio with IE and am looking to possibly transfer some ISA holdings over and transfer over a SIPP once that comes available.

As my works Personal Account Dealing policy isn’t complex enough for pie style transactions it means that I have to buy/sell one ticker at a time, even if ultimately there are multiple tickers within the portfolio.

My question is can I buy (or sell) one ticker at a time, and if so, how do I actually do it.

Any form of helpful guide will be much appreciated.


Thanks for your question.

If we understood your query correctly, you can buy/sell single ETFs on our Platform.

Kindly see the detailed guidance here - How can I buy/sell ETFs?

Also kindly note, that InvestEngine only provides ETFs at the moment.

Please let me know if this answers your question and be sure to contact our client support service via email any time you have any questions -

Best regards,