Transferring to another broker / real time data and settlement price

I wanted to transfer my position to another broker but I’m told this is only possible with ISAs, is this right? shame if so.

I’ve been using another broker for options trading and get real time data and instant trades so want to move there.

The only option I have is to sell and withdraw from IE. Given the figures in my Invest Engine portfolio are delayed, how long is this process going to take and how can I see the sale price before I sell to make sure it’s correct?

Hi, thank you for getting in touch.

Correct, we support only ISA transfers out, so if your holdings are in a GIA account, you will need to sell them and withdraw cash to your nominated bank account and then transfer it to another broker from there. Please see more information about selling and withdrawing your holdings in our FAQs How can I buy/sell ETFs? – InvestEngine and How do I withdraw money from my portfolio? – InvestEngine. The whole process takes up to 5 business days and you will be able to see the price of your shares before selling them. Don’t hesitate to get in touch in case of any other questions.