New & improved InvestEngine App!

Take a trip to your local App Store to get your hands on our latest app! :iphone:
Google Play

You’ll find an all-round improved experience, including faster loading times and more responsive transitions + all the latest features the team are working on.

Let us know what you think!


Hi Adam,

thanks for the heads up on the updated mobile app.

First bit of feedback is that I wasn’t expecting the application of the update to result in the loss of my login details and the requirement to select a new pin. Not a big issue but it adds friction to the user journey.

Responsiveness is significantly improved. I think I noticed this the most in analytics - definitely more snappy.

Other big difference seems to be in the support section and the use of a new Zendesk widget. Was it just me that thought links to all the support pages was really useful in the mobile app?

Any thoughts on adding the little present icon (like you get in Slack) so we can read about all of the improvements?



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Morning @MattL

Thanks for the feedback. As this was a significant update (preparing us for more to come!) unfortunately there was no-way to keep users logged in, future updates will be smaller though so you shouldn’t have this issue.

Regarding the support pages, it wan’t just you, these will be re-added in the coming weeks alongside FaceID, improved ETF filtering and TER information.

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll send these over to the :iphone: team.