InvestEngine has a fresh new look

As we step into to 2023, we’ve given our brand a new lick of paint to help set us up for another big year.

Bold, bright and built to last, this evolution is part of us standing shoulder to shoulder with the biggest names in the industry, with a clean, modern look which reflects how we invest for the long-term.

New brand

We’ve put together a short video which shows off our new look and reveals some of the inspiration behind the change. You can watch it here. The update is based on three key pillars:

  • Motion. We focused on the engine’s most fundamental function: turning power into motion. Engines change; the internal combustion engine, even the electric engine will one day be obsolete. The wing, a focal point of our icon, is a constant in nature and design, serving to illustrate our commitment to long-term, sustained movement.

  • Investment. It’s only natural that our icon should reflect our portfolio-first approach to investing. The segmented ring suggests both the inherent diversification afforded by ETFs, and the clarity and accessibility offered by our platform. Combined with the wing, the portfolio represents our commitment to long-term investing, not speculation.

  • Future. Our fresh new look is future ready and will allow us to stand side by side with other major brands as we continue to help you grow your wealth long into the future.

So, we’ve had a refresh – now it’s your turn. If you want to get away in 2023, like or share our posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram for a chance to win a £500 Airbnb voucher.

Let us know what you think of the new design; we’d love to hear your thoughts.


A great corporate identity embodies your vision and, just as importantly, should be eminently transformable into a company mascot. The new design satisfies both:

Job well done!


Lookin’ good!

…now you only need to get a DARK MODE on the mobile app.

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Now if the Managed Portfolios were outperforming… that would be worth shouting about! The changes currently being jeralded? in the words of Shania Twain , " That don’t impress me much!"