Updated InvestEngine Brand Video

Looks superb! InvestEngine is a wonderful investing platform.


Nice one!

Would be interesting to know the story behind the rebranding.


Well… that brand video told me absolutely nothing about why the brand is evolving or what new vision it’s attached to :sweat_smile:

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It’s all very well spending money on rebranding but when, oh when, will they invest sufficiently to sort out the continuing unacceptable delays in settlement timings?

Hi @Christopher & @UncleBob thanks for your interest. We’ve published a little more about the brand story here: InvestEngine has a fresh new look


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Joking/teasing apart I like the logo change and yes it does look ‘fresher’ but with meaning. Unlike BBC Sounds one; done in a kindergarten I think.

Hope the back office stuff continues to evolve.


I think there should focus on updating the UI/ UX because this app is too stiff. I thought it was the UI/UX that got updated when i saw the update and i was like YA!!

The app flow as well needs updating.

I still love the main investing style and model anyways.