Investing MOT keeps trying to move me to a lower risk portfolio

I’ve just done the yearly Investing MOT that InvestEngine send out to us and no matter what options I pick it will only suggest that I go onto the “Higher” option for my Monthly Income Portfolio.

I’m currently on the Enhanced Portfolio and do not wish to change. However, in 3 days it seems I have no choice and will be moved to a portfolio I do not want. I understand I can just change this again in a few days time, but that means an unnecessary reshuffling of my portfolio.

Is there anything I can do to prevent this unwanted change?

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Hi @Rhapsidous,

Sorry for the delayed/slow response here. One of the guys should have reached out to you earlier.
Let me give you a bit more detail on why we do this & run through an option to retake the questionnaire (if appropriate).

Why are we trying to move your portfolio?
We have a responsibility for assessing the suitability of our managed portfolio. When you re-took the questionnaire your answers indicated that your current portfolio might not be suitable - hence why we’re looking to move you to a lower-risk portfolio.

I would however encourage you to look over the answer you’ve given to the questions and confirm they’re correct and accurately reflect your positions. If you feel like you were a little too circumspect
(or too adventurous) you can retake the questionnaire at any time.

Retaking the questionnaire
You can re-take the questionnaire by clicking More > Settings > Portfolios – there’s a blue “Retake” button below your answers for each managed portfolio


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