ISA Income payments

Hi Team
Is there an option please to have income paid direct to nominated account as it used to be? This has changed lately and now income is paid into a new cash portfolio which is very annoying as it takes far longer to reach my nominated account than it did previously. Last month it took 12 days from the 2nd of December to the 14th December). I did not seem to be informed of this change. It just happened!!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:! Has anyone else found this? Could I have a choice ? It seems a rather cumbersome and time consuming around the bush way of paying income.

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Hi Arian,

Please be assured that we listen and appreciate all feedback, thank you for sharing it.

The Cash Account (and decision to pay dividends there) was introduced based on our clients’ feedback.

We will take onboard your feedback and if we add the feature to have income paid to bank account we will post latest updates on Community