Transfer from personal to ISA

Can you guys transfer assets from investengine personal to investengine ISA account yet?
I checked a while ago and it wasn’t possible but they said hopefully soon, and to check in about it later


Anyone from the team able to confirm this?

Hey @MoWe thanks for getting in touch!

Right now , we don’t do in-species transfers. It is a priority on our roadmap and we hope to have it very soon.

Keep an eye out on here for our latest updates. Happy investing in the meantime.

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I am also eagerly awaiting a progress update on this feature.

Hi @UncleBob , as I am sure you are aware, this i snow live for ISA transfers and very soon available for GIA accounts also!

Happy investing : )

Hi Omar, that’s good to hear!
Just to clarify, you are still unable to transfer assets from a customers GIA to their own ISA account, right?
If correct, how long do you estimate until that can happen? Days, weeks?

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Hi Omar,

Can you clarify if the InvestEngine Internal GIA transfer to ISA available now or just ‘very soon’?

I have both accounts in InvestEngine and I plan to transfer those in the general investment account to my ISA in the new tax year in April. May I confirm if this is possible or not?


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Morning : )

We aim to have in-species transfer for GIA account in about 1 month or so. I can’t give an exact date, but around that time it should be available for GIA transfers in and GIA-ISA internal transfers.

We will post on here as soon as we can , happy investing!

Just wondered if this feature is available yet?
I couldn’t see a way to do it from within the website or app - so I am guessing not?



Not at the moment I’m afraid.

We are working on its soonest release, however, it’s hard to estimate the exact timeframe, my apologies.

Please be assured that we’ll let our clients know when it’s live.

HI All,

I was just catching up on this thread and I think there’s an important clarification / point we need to make clear. HMRC rules do not allow (non cash) assets to be Transferred from a GIA personal account into an ISA. All new ISA subscriptions need to initially be cash.

ISA in-specie transfers in from other ISA providers is live and you can initiate via an electronic form on the app. (To be clear that’s Transfering ETF you already hold within an ISA somewhere else)

GIA in-specie transfers in i.e. a non-ISA with another provider to an InvestEngine GIA account, is very close (weeks). If you do have a larger holding you want to transfer please contact our customer support team (We maybe able to support this now, depending on the provider your transferring away from)

Note We’ll only be able to accept in-specie transfer in of ETFs we currently have live. If you have another GBP LSE listed ETF you want to transfers. Please contact our support channel to discuss.

I’ve previously posted about transfers out here:

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Understood but it would be very helpful if you could offer a function to automate the process - sell GIA portfolio to cash/transfer cash from GIA to ISA/buy same portfolio in ISA - so that we can be out of the market for the shortest period of time. This appears to be what some other brokers offer for a “Bed and ISA” function.

Thanks for a fantastic product.