Transfer from personal to ISA

Can you guys transfer assets from investengine personal to investengine ISA account yet?
I checked a while ago and it wasn’t possible but they said hopefully soon, and to check in about it later


Anyone from the team able to confirm this?

Hey @MoWe thanks for getting in touch!

Right now , we don’t do in-species transfers. It is a priority on our roadmap and we hope to have it very soon.

Keep an eye out on here for our latest updates. Happy investing in the meantime.

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I am also eagerly awaiting a progress update on this feature.

Hi @UncleBob , as I am sure you are aware, this i snow live for ISA transfers and very soon available for GIA accounts also!

Happy investing : )

Hi Omar, that’s good to hear!
Just to clarify, you are still unable to transfer assets from a customers GIA to their own ISA account, right?
If correct, how long do you estimate until that can happen? Days, weeks?

Thanks for your help,

Hi Omar,

Can you clarify if the InvestEngine Internal GIA transfer to ISA available now or just ‘very soon’?

I have both accounts in InvestEngine and I plan to transfer those in the general investment account to my ISA in the new tax year in April. May I confirm if this is possible or not?


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Morning : )

We aim to have in-species transfer for GIA account in about 1 month or so. I can’t give an exact date, but around that time it should be available for GIA transfers in and GIA-ISA internal transfers.

We will post on here as soon as we can , happy investing!