List of managed portfolios?

Is there a list, somewhere, with basic details on the range of managed portfolios currently being used

I’m looking at the possibility of making part of my ISA managed and I’d love to see a general overview of how things compare outside of the limited results offered by the questionnaire.

Hi Peter!
Thank you for your interest in our Managed portfolios.
Please contact us via and we will be able to provide you with the document that includes all of the Managed portfolio allocations that we currently offer.

Hi @peter,

Just to give you a bit more detail. We have 10 Managed portfolios, labeled Growth 1 - 10. Our in house investment team set the asset allocation for these portfolios, they are typically rebalanced on a quarterly basis and can range from 100% equity to a mix of equities, bonds and alternative assets.

We won’t typically share all the asset allocations on a community post as they could quick be come out of date. However, you can see the allocations if you click to setup a managed portfolio and go through the questionnaire. You’ll see the allocation details before you finish the portfolio setup.