Passive vs Active

Just made my account in preparation for the new tax year come April. Fancy giving one of the managed growth funds a go over the next year.

Everywhere you read tells you that investing in an index fund will beat actively managed portfolios 99% of the time. Just wondered why anyone else who has picked a managed portfolio has done so?

Your not limited to one or the other. I have both managed and diy portfolios… gives the ability to benchmark my own results against IE… fwiw a couple are doing better and a couple worse… but its only been just over 1yr and a down market so not really indicative of long term results. Obviously I see big difference between my own growth & income.

Great thing about IE is you can throw a small amount into any portfolio and track results over time, then as you invest more money you can decide to put it where you feel you get the best results.

@Baxter Are you confusing Active Funds and Managed Portfolios, as these are not the same thing, or have I misunderstood your question? I’m not sure that InvestEngine has any Active Funds in its range (as there aren’t many in the UK), so their Managed Portfolios probably only contain Index funds. Apologies if I’ve taken your question too literally.