Profit and loss calculations

Hi Guys. I have invested £6500 into 2 ETFs, I have also had £50 in refer a friend bonuses. My current total portfolio stands at £6497.90. Which I work out to be a £52.10 loss total. However my profit/loss calculation shows I’m in the green with a £38.83 profit with a 0.59% return. Surely the profit/loss calculation is incorrect there?

Thanks for your help, sorry if it’s a newbie question


I’ve been suspicious of these calculations for a while as well. My account shows a loss in pounds but a gain in percentages - how is that possible?

Hi Mjcrew, and thanks for your question. The best thing to do would be to speak to our support team and mark your query as urgent. Any screen shots would also be very helpful.

Many thanks

Hi Ted and thanks for your question.

As your performance percentage is presented as a Time-Weighted Return (TWR), it is possible to see a positive earnings and negative % return on your portfolio. This is caused by the timing of your contributions relative to market movements. The time-weighted rate of return (TWR) is a measure of the compound rate of growth in a portfolio and will factor in your performance over time and not just for the present moment for a more accurate overview of your portfolio performance.

Your % return is negative because your portfolio performance has dipped since you first started investing. However, your pot is still earning a return although the performance has decreased. It’s also worth noting, most of your payments were made when your pot’s performance was at its worst. Since then, your pot has increased in value.

Please let me know if you have any other questions

Hi there, would be possible to switch to a screen showing you the relative gain of your portfoilio not the actual amount in £?

Cannot get an heart attack every rime I log in before realising I withdrawn some money

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A couple of my equities suddenly show drops 50% odd more than the actual drops. Good job I have a basic understanding of maths or that’d be a heart attack moment :joy:
Clearly some more work to be done around the app and it’s underlying calculation functions!!

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There is clearly something seriously wrong with the calculations - I have several ETFs showing as small £ losses but the % for them are showing in the positive at over +1,000% and +2,000%

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Good morning,
I wanted to share an update addressing the questions above.
We have found an issue affecting a small number of our DIY portfolios related to previous days pricing data used in the performance calculation. A fix is being worked on, and dashboards will be updated shortly.
I’ve also included a link here to our help centre, where you can find more information on Time-Weighted Return (TWR)
Please feel free to reach out directly to me if I can help with anything else.
Have a great Friday,