In Specie Transfers ISA

Does IE allow in specie transfers in and out for ISAs?

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Good morning and welcome to the community !

Unfortunately we do not allow in specie transfers.

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Hello Elise,

Could you please confirm whether it’s on your roadmap?



I would also like to know this

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Hello both !

In Specie transfers ISA is something that we are certainly looking into, but I cannot give a date for definite so make sure you bear with us in the meantime!


Hi @Elise.Hollinshead, it would be great if you could give an update / clarify whether there is a chance we will be able to do in specie transfers this side of the year?

Hello Daniel,

At present, we can’t give any precise date for adding this feature, but we will post updates on our Community Forums and social media whenever there are new functions added to InvestEngine.

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