Transfer of General Investment Account

Hi Folks,

Is it possible to transfer a General Investment Account from another provider to Nutmeg to avoid Capital gains tax withdrawing the money and then reinvesting it into Invest Engine?

Kindly note that InvestEngine is not an advisory service, therefore we cannot provide you with any advise regarding your taxes.

Still, we don’t currently offer in-specie transfers for General Investments, unfortunately. The only way to process them at the moment is by selling your holding with one provider and re-invest from your bank account to another provider.

We are working on introducing in-specie transfers for GIA, however. Be sure to keep an eye on our updates.

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Hi @waterishail - Thanks for posting - its really helpful to know there’s demand for these transfers.
We’ve done a lot of work on the GIA in-specie transfer already but its always a balance when prioritising projects. I’ll try and keep you posted when we have a date for this.

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Thanks Tom,

I am not necessarily interested in transferring the stocks, rather just transferring the cash directly from Nutmeg to InvestEngine.

Look forward to the new features, your product is amazing for ETF’s


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