Unable to log-in online using email address and password

Is anyone able to log into their online dashboard (on-line or on-app using email / password).

I am able to log-on with my phone using my Face-ID / Passcode, however when trying online or on the app with my email and password it throws the following error:

The same is happening with my mates’ accounts too, not sure if it’s just an isolated issue, or is everyone affected?

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I can log in OK using email/password online to dashboard. (Don’t use app at all.)

login fine on both app and website

Thanks, @stehuk and @shrimper - I tried again this morning and same issue. Yet can still log on the app with my Face-ID.

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I am having the same issue as well, thought it was only me, I have contacted InvestEngine and they are looking into it apparently


I can’t login anymore ! No idea what the issue is.

Sent a support ticket last week and still no reply.

I checked to see if I can register an account using my already registered email address to see if my account was even still active and it let me register a new account.

I’m assuming my account has been changed or deleted because otherwise it would say something along the lines of
“this email is already registered”

I have not received any email mentioning any requests to change my email address or password so I can’t imagine I’ve been hacked.

Someone help please.

Apologies for the issues affecting an isolated number of users. Our technical team is aware of this issue and is working on resolving it ASAP. We will post an update shortly.


FYI: I did try this morning and it was working for me again now.


We have now resolved the log in issue. Please let us know in case you have any further issues.

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