Unable to Login, cannot find my account?

what on earth is going on with the login issues? i usually log in fine using Touch ID on my phone but i noticed one of my trades didn’t get processed even though i submitted it the day before so i decided to cancel the order but then that didn’t work so i decided to try log onto the website, typed in my info and it couldn’t find me so i was a bit concerned so i decided to do a password reset got sent the email, clicked the link, changed password (which also logged me out of the phone too) but it still wouldnt let me log in and now i cant even log into it my phone, completely locked out what the F.
i need to make some trades to stop me from losing money that isn’t my fault. Other people have reported this too but we’ve never been told what has caused it, we should never be unable to log into our accounts that contain our life savings its simply unacceptable and i would like to make a formal complaint.

if someone could get in contact with me that would be great,

This account is not linked in any way to my main account so my email is different on the community vs main website as i didnt know if it would let me use my investengine email and overwrite my account.


Hi Ryan, apologies for any login issues. Please can you email support@investengine.com from your registered email on your InvestEngine account and we will help you log back into your account.