Buy orders not placed

I placed about half a dozen buy orders earlier today (before the deadline). Have just opened the app and the cash is still sitting in the portfolios. There is no sign of the orders under transactions - but they were all accepted/ confirmed in the app when I placed them.

Investengine appears not to be a reliable place to invest if customers buy or sell orders are just ignored and no communication as to why…

Hi @mellowmark

Your account will update after our trading window closes, usually around 7pm.

If you have any problems after that please get in touch with our and we will be happy to help : )

Yes, I know how it works having placed many orders before. But today they didn’t update after 7pm, because the cash was still in the portfolios when I checked the app in the afternoon and the placed orders were not listed under transactions…

So in other words the orders were accepted and confirmed by the app when I submitted them earlier (before the daily deadline) just as they have always been before. But this time the orders have just disappeared or not been received, although I have had no notification about this, I only found out because I happened to open the app to check something else this afternoon…

Morning @mellowmark , please email and we will look into this right away ! : )

@mellowmark I’ve had the same issue as you today with placed orders disappearing and the cash being back in my portfolios. Did you find out what the issue was?

Hi @P.H , please email our

We will look into it right away for you and help you resolve.

Have a nice day : )