Order deleted with no logs to show why

This morning I deposited money in my GIA account and then proceeded to place an order. The transaction was listed in the Transaction menu under Orders placed.

Fast forward a few hours and having just logged onto my account I noticed that the “orders placed” flag is missing and the amount I deposited is shown in the cash available field. When I checked the transaction history field I noticed the order I placed this morning is gone and the only listing is my cash deposited at 12 Dec 2022 08:21 with a status of “Processing”

What happened here? Why was my original order of this morning deleted with no logs to show for it? I have again placed that same order but what pisses me off is that I have now missed today’s trading window. Also I have not received any emails as to what’s going on or if there’s any issues. Also, why is my cash deposit still showning as processing after 8 hours?

Hi @UncleBob -

We’ll need to look into the specific of your account to understand what’s happened here. I’m flagging this to our customer support team and someone will reach out to you shortly.

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Had the same thing happen to me a couple of times - assumed it was because my top -up had not cleared into my portfolio (even though it said the money was available to invest)

Similar experience here too.

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So, I got a reply beck from the support team:

As we checked, Truelayer will make transfer, and it will show on your account, but currently cash is still not settled.

Usually, there is an automatic verification that happens, which is Natwest bank syncing with InvestEngine to confirm the transaction of funds.

Unfortunately this didnt happen yesterday due to a Natwest error, and it was out of InvestEngines hands.

We worked with Natwest to remedy the problem as soon as possible.

We apologise for any delay in their orders not being executed when they expected and any confusion caused.

Natwest have resolved the issue and we will always do our best to make sure incidents like this do not happen, however sometimes the problem can lie outside of Invest Engine."

It’s a bit underwhelming to say the least and the way I interpret it, is that nothing will be done to improve the system backend to prevent this from happening again. Going forward after every deposit made I’ll give it an hour to settle and if not, then to flood the support mailbox with emails for someone to do something, anything …like call the bank

I lost a few quid because of this so I am not impressed at all to say the least.

Yeah guessed it was something like that as it’s happened a few times to me - sorry you’ve lost out .Personally I only invest very small amounts- but often - so it’s a bit annoying but nothing more

Just as an add - I use Lloyds - so it’s not an issue specific to Nat west

NatWest is InvestEngine’s bank. I personally bank with Nationwide and Monzo. Fault was not on my bank’s side but that of InvestEngine.

Ah okay I stand corrected

This is the sort of issue that would
benefit from a service status page on the website.

Showing known issuessand the date and time they were first discovered.
And when they were resolved.

In my view this would increase confidence in the platform.

Just my 2p’s worth

Yup. Really felt let down by IE support. The way I interpret their response was more of a “meh” not our problem, lets just pass the buck kind of vibe.

You would have thought that they would get their devs to implement a few checks and balances once certain parameters or timespans has been exceeded to then flag an alert, or to then activate certain mitigation procedures. Any dev worth his salt can write a simple code fix for this in minutes.

@UncleBob and others - Apologies, I feel we’ve dropped the ball a bit here :frowning:

Let me give some more detail on the issue. Then I run through what we’re doing about it.
Forewarning; I’ll likely overshare & go too technical

The Issue

We’re required to reconcile all Top-Ups before we can let you invest your funds. There a couple of bit to this but one step is matching each Instant Transfer confirmation to an credit on our Natwest CMA (a segregated client money account). We currently use an Open Banking API (via Truelayer) to access are Natwest statement and match these record.

However, over the last few months this API connection has proved unreliable - so we also have a backup manual process to check these payment before each days trading window. Unfortunately on Monday the API connection experienced and the manual process was missed (holidays + people a based process & other projects taking up peoples attention - not great, but that’s why we need an automated process & checks)

The Fix (will try and keep it brief)

  1. We’ve been working with both Truelayer & Natwest to understand why the API is not proving reliable. I won’t go into details other than to say its proving tricky to get to the bottom of things
  2. We implemented addition system alerts this week & more eyes on a monitoring dashboard
  3. I’m also taking to Natwest about a Direct API connection they’re making available in the new year

On the support teams response, its a difficult one - I’ve probably overshare details and gone far to technical above - The support team need to get the balance right with a succinct simplified response.


Hi @tom.winterton thank you very much for taking time to address this issue.

If you go through the different forum topics and even comments from other customers in this same thread, it creates the impression quite similar to a “MeToo” movement, yet during all these times radio silence from IE. This results in customers losing trust and faith in the platform. And you know how panic can spread through the herd if it is not stopped in it’s tracks…

Sure, you can dumb down technical stuff to laymans term level and that’s fine. Your above explanation was in fact not too technical at all, but actually at the right balance; very informative and understandable.
Point is; at least give us a meaningful response. That will go down a lot better compare to a standard CYA templated teflon response that does not say anything meaningful other than to imply the reader has an intellect rivalled only by garden tools.

I know it is a lot more complicated and technical and resolutions to problems will vary and change, so nobody will be upset if you told us that FIX A will solve Problem X but afterwards you implement FIX B. I don’t care what fix option you use, but at leased you fixed the problem. It’s the end result that matter.

In summary your response have fulfilled the prophecy, restoring balance to the Force.

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