Dividend csp1 not showing


I have the csp1 sp500 accumulating version since may, which should have a dividend payout / I can’t see the info on the info fact sheet about dividends for that find. But the distributing version shows 1.25% quartley…

The ex dividend date 16 June and payment should be 29 June although nothing has come through and I have checked the transactions tab.

I have contacted iShares just now as well regarding the dividend but in the meantime can anyone shed any light why the dividend has not come through please?


I don’t have a lot of experience with ETFs, but the accumulating versions of funds I hold on other platforms never show any dividend transactions, because the income is rolled into the price instead of being paid out as in the ‘inc’ or distributing versions. If ETFs work in the same way then this would explain it.


Yes, you never see the dividends in acc. versions. They should be included in your consolidated tax certificate, though, as you still have to pay tax on them if you exceed the personal dividend limit.

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Cheers, i keep it in an ISA so not to worry.